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You can email me at busybusymama AT gmail DOT com

I am a devoted member of the LDS church (also known as a Mormon.) My blog reflects my devotion to my Savior Jesus Christ and His gospel teachings found in the Holy Bible AND the Book of Mormon.

I am grateful for your comments and email, and welcome them. I am always amazed at the loving and inviting spirit I find among so many bloggers, and I thank you for that.

I am also open to answer any questions or personal concerns you may have about the Mormon religion. Don't worry about offending me, I've heard it all :)  However, please do NOT leave comments or emails demeaning or bashing my religion. My blog is all about sharing the love of Jesus Christ with each other, not criticizing each other for the different worship methods we do or do not follow.

If you are curious about why I have chosen to be a Mormon, simply visit my personal "I'm a Mormon" page here –

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